The Darkness In My Silence

I saw colors in harmony. Chaos destroyed the colors, the images, the memories that I saw.
Memories for me were like photographs, moments frozen in place never to be smote by time. Others did not understand. I did not speak; for to verbalize such beautiful things was to mar and contaminate them.
“Come here, Nathan, come,” it was Dr. Hamporthorn again. She did not understand. Nor did mother, or Dad.
I shook my head. “No.. no I can not.. nono,” rocking, seeing the floor come closer then farther brought back the harmony; the colors in my memory.
“You can’t stay here, Nathan. Let’s get back,”
“No no. Two times two is four, four times four is sixteen. No can do, no way,” if i held my hands closer to my face, serenity was beckoned.
“Just let him finish,” Calvin, an intern, (he was a nice man), said.
“He’s painting on the walls, Cal,”
“But look at it!”
“Colors,” i said, “everything’s 5 by 5. Serenity – soft color,”
“It’s the damned Sistine Chapel, Nath,” Calvin smiled, “Let him finish!”
“I wanna finish!”

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