Dreams of Avalon (Song I Wrote Dedicated To Jesi)

Walking down the boulevard
Making my way through Scotland Yard
Finding the place where we first kissed
And through the crowd I thought I caught a glimpse
Stopping fast, I felt my heart began to race,
Looking ’round, I swore that I had seen your face.

Five Years had passed since we’d been here
The time had simply disappeared.
An hour glass of time had gone
And still your memory will lead me on.
In a daze, my weary legs carry me on.
Just like the days when we would dream of Avalon

A Horseback Ride through the Everglade
Living on the vows that we had made.
King Arthur’s Knights singing our song.
When we would dream of Avalon.

My one last time in Scotland Yard
Passing by a stoic guard
I found the place where we first kissed.
There you stood, my eyes became amist.
Standing there, I smiled as I began to cry.
You blew me a kiss and your ghost began to fly.
In a daze, I watched your spirit sail beyond.
As you sailed along the winds of Avalon.

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