Still here

Reaching deep inside my heart
I hear the cries
In just one blink it reaches my eyes
I fight it off with a couple of huffs
but its alright she says, I don’t have to be tough
she knows me to well
I cannot lie
I feel her close
and I know she’s here
I feel so lost like a kitten in the pound
but jesi is here turning me around
She knows its hard and wants to help
but the rest she said i’d handle myself
Once i get this all figured out
my heart with relief will no longer pout
will no longer linger for something more
for you’ll be waiting for me by every new door
just the same has its always been
I know you’ll be there again again
You never really left me that long cold day
for my soul has your memory forever stored away

Your daughter
Eden. I just wrote this but you know how much i love you

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