i believe

i believe in God. infinite in mercy, but loving enough to leave us to our own devices. even if it means we sometimes experience pain.

i believe that heaven is not made of streets of gold, or mansions as far as the eye can see. rather it is place we can gather together, and find all that makes us happy.

i believe my eternal happiness will be found at a white clapboard house with a wrap around porch at the end of a long dirt road. i will be sipping iced-tea as i sit in a rickety old rocking chair, while talking with ol’ friends.

i believe that as the day passes on to evening, i will hear humming coming down that old dirt road. i will look up to see jesi and eddie-joe, arm in arm, waving wildly at me to come play.

i believe i will pick up my mason jar and join them. we will giggle the æons way, while catching fireflies in the field at the edge of the woods.

i believe ya’ll are invited too. but you will need to bring your own mason jar.

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