Paper Mache

Jesi encouraged others with her words, laying on the love thick, gluing us all together like paper mache, we the torn papers who often felt insignificant. She crafted us into something beautiful.

Let us improvise with creativity in our lives to make even the worst moments gleam with color and light.

She was bubbly and crazy in love and lived life recklessly, throwing all inhibition to the wind. She knew how to let down her hair, to enjoy every moment of every day.

Let us not forget her “do what you love” spirit and partake of some of it every day.

She was a beautiful person and true to herself 100 percent.

Let us all be so honest.

But most of all, let us get our hands dirty, up to our elbows in the paper mache encouragement that Jesi loved so much to slather on for healing, for fun, or for togetherness.

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