For Mighty Joe

She will be there in the sunrise;
In the smell of shampoo;
You’ll feel her in the night
when you least expect it;
When you hear a baby laugh
you’ll smile again someday
because you’ll hear her laughter again;
You’ll eat her favorite foods
And listen to her songs
Memories will wash over you
like a tidal wave,
leaving you spent, elated, or
downright angry, sometimes
all at the same time.

When our beloved dies,
the words we repeated
“until death us do part”
are revealed to be a lie;
Because death doesn’t part -
You and your beloved
fall in love all over again
She is waiting, loving you,
Strong, shining, love incarnate.

Sullivan Ballou in 1861 wrote to his wife Sarah:
“Never forget how much I loved you…
If the dead can come back to this earth
and flit unseen around those they love
I shall always be with you,
in the brightest day and the darkest night,
always, always….”

Yours and Jesi’s love story is not over,
It’s just on hold….

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