Nightmare in the couldersack PaRt 5

Inside the caravan were a assortment of chairs and a neat dining table and a sofa Mark and Jack both wreslted for the sofa Mark being the stronger one kicked Jack away and he went tumbling to the floor “play nice you two” his mum said in a awkward kind of voice. Going out …. for some fresh air said Jack he closed the door behind him and made his way across the street he looked around for a moment and then saw a pile of straw next to a barn he slowly made his way towards it clenching his fists tears streaming down his eyes he placed his hand on the straw and desperatly tore it away to reveal……Nothing.
Jack let out a huge sigh of relief and made his way to the caravan but he soon stopped after he heard screaming from what sounded like his mother He darted back across the street to the caravan shaking he opened the door peering around the corner. Inside the caravan were blood stains smeered across the carpet he advanced foward noticing the piles of destruction who or what created Jack carried on suddenly..

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