Teaser and the Firecat

He held out the fish bones, smiling affectionately at the orange cat. It mewed in response and inched closer towards him, delicately sniffing at the offered fish remains. The moon was hanging low in the sky and the streets were empty of other people, Teaser’s only company being the Firecat and a battered piece of newspaper that littered the gutter.

Teaser removed his top hat from his head, setting it on the sidewalk next to him. He ran a hand through his snow white hair.

“I suppose I ought to get moving, Firecat.”

The cat blinked slowly in response, once, then twice.

“I get lonely though; if you come with me, you can have the fish.”

The cat rubbed up against Teaser’s star patterned pants, purring loudly. Teaser picked up his top hat, adjusting it on his head. He pushed himself up off the sidewalk.

“Friends, then?”

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