“Help! Please somebody!” Cynthia screamed running through her house.
Her assasian in pursuit of her through the house. In quick gasps she ran knocking things over behind her in attempts to slow down her pursuer.
“Leave me alone!” She screamed over her shoulder.
She turned a corner and ran towards the door at the end of the hallway.

She burst through the door and closed it behind her locking it immeadiately. There was a loud thud as her pusuer smashed up against the door. She pushed a dresser in front of the door. Her cell phone rang.
“Hello! Please you have to help me i’m being chased through my home by a pshyco who wants to kill me please help!……. Hello, please somebody!” She screamed.
“I want your blood.” A voice on the other end replied.

Terrifed she dropped her phone, there was thudding on the door as the person was trying to get in. She noticed the window and began to climb out onto the roof. The surface was slippery from the rain. She slipped, and was caught, a hand was over her mouth.

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