For Jesi And Mighty-Joe

You left me, yes its true
But while you were here
I was just happy to be stuck with you

Every time I close my eyes
Thinking of you, that’s no surprise
It gets harder for my chest to rise
My soul will take to open skies

Completely indescribable
That feeling inside of me
I might be unreliable, but I loved you as you did me

And everything we’ve ever seen
Can’t explain exactly what you mean to me
Together’s where we’re meant to be
But baby, it ain’t gonna be easy

Darling, until we meet again
I remember you, with all my friends
Your legacy will never end
Jesi lives on in all our pens

Through turns of time
And seasons spent
Through love well lost
And poets sweat
I can’t explain what this poem meant

But with this gift I give to you
The only one I’m able to
The gift of love in form of rhyme
I promise everything will be just fine

-Lone Writer

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