The Joys Of Unrequited Love

For some reason I can’t explain
You make my each and every day
And every time you look my way
Its hard to get my heart to stay
In my chest where it belongs

I know you don’t think you’re much
But being near you is a must
We talk each and every day
You would never guess I feel this way
You really are remarkable

With just one glance from your clear blue eyes
I feel my heartbeat start to rise
I know you must feel a little surprise

The way you listen to my words
The way you smile at my fears
The way you wipe away my tears
By just a little sentence

I don’t know what to do with myself
I can’t really be with anybody else
You got into my heart with matchless stealth
But for you it isn’t the same

Or is it? I never can tell.

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