A Mind's Fantasy

As Emma walked briskly down the street leading to her home, she looked around the blackness of 10:15pm. She saw a couple of kids gnawing away at each others faces and this summed up to her the effects of a dying nation. She got home safely and instantly turned on the fire.

Emma was in no mood for a quick clean of the house, she got changed into some comfortable shorts and a white t-shirt, sat down on the sofa and got the tray from underneath the table. She placed it on her lap and began to stick two papers together, squeeze out the tobacco from her last Lambert & Butler and grind up 2 grams of Northern Lights.

The initial draw was mainly paper which she made a quick shiver for, but the second draw sent a mental massage from the top of her head to her toes. Emma imagined a kingdom in the clouds, ruled by a proud king and she was invited there as a guest for her honest service as a human. No war, no crime and no stress. This was beauty for Emma..never to be taken for granted.

Because this was her mind.

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