Sick Sad Nation

What happened to Annie Le is tragic, but if it happened to someone named Shaniqua, who had 4 kids with 4 different dads, and was found in the wall of her apartment or at the restaurant where she worked, we wouldn’t be seeing it all over CSPAN and Fox News and all that. The point is ALL death is tragic and one shouldn’t be “covered” more than another like this. Lacy Peterson, Jessie Davis, even the child crimes that are followed. They are pretty much all middle to upper middle class that get followed and are brought to national attention. A death in the lower class, and among the African American community as well as other minorities, is just as tragic regardless of how much money they make or their community status. Heinous crimes that actually make you question humanity happen to them too, but it’s never put into the spotlight and I just think that it’s sad that we, as a country collectively, don’t care as much when it happens to someone not as “Suzy Homemaker” so to speak.

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