Cold Blood Moon

Half past one in the light of the moon
The sheriff’s running ‘cause he ain’t immune
To a bullet in his back beside the saloon
And another one on its way
Darrell Oakes never had no dossier
Just a girl who’d stole his heart away
And run off with the man from Monterrey
And that was Darrell’s last straw
South of the border there ain’t no law
But the bastard who’d done rubbed Darrell raw
And a badge don’t excuse such a terrible flaw
Of stealin’ another man’s gal
Darrell packed up at the old corral
And rode on down to this locale
With killin’ on his mind, a good rationale
And a promise he had to keep
He’d come in late when the town’s asleep
And leave that sheriff in a heap
But not till first he’d made him weep
Then he’d take his life
Darrell Oakes is a man whose heart is rife
With bitter angry vengeful strife
That even the sight of his runaway wife
Could never truly mend
Two shots and the affair is at its end
And Darrell’s got nothing left to contend
But a thought to see himself suspend
And a rope and a tree nearby

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