Pro Jec Tile

“Hey! Come look at this!”

It was hard to leave my soft spot on the couch. Troy had just come on. I’d missed it twice this week due to her small games.

Troy is big time. I can’t miss it. Brad Pitt’s gold man-thighs draw me in – in a straight way.

Back to now.

She’s put a vase on a shelf.

I think she likes to make me get up when I’ve just sat down.

“I don’t get it,” I stared, my head is cocked to the side.

“Get what?” She looks back at me. I can feel her rage build up.

“Well, it’s a vase on a shelf.”

“You don’t like it?” Her eyes were locked on me.

“I like it. I mean, it’s nice. But right there?” My brain cried out “DUMB!”

“You don’t like it! God! Here! I’ll get rid of it!”

Whoops. Time to duck and dodge. My back went limp. The vase missed, but the floor did not.

“Nice face plant, dick!”

She had such a way with words. And a hell of an arm.

Yes, I like the odd ones. The girls you can’t guess. Keeps me on my toes. Like Brad Pitt in Troy. Mmmm gold thighs. I’m not gay.

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