i will only talk to you

“Hi.” My voice is small, quiet. “I need to talk to you. I’ll only talk to you.”

I am still hiding in the shadows, I don’t want you to see my face just yet. My over sized hoodie dwarfs my skinny frame and the hood hides my face in darkness. I need to talk to someone, and you said we could come to you. I will only talk to you.

Someone hurt me. I need to get this off my chest. Someone hurt me, I want to scream. People they hurt me and scraped at me with their long claws and stinging jelly fish tentacles. They won’t stop. “Hi.” I whisper. “Are you still there?” ‘Please be there.’ I hope.

The bruises on my rib cage hurt when I walk, but the bruises on my heart hurts all the times. Someone hurt me. But what if one of those someones is me?

I turn away from the corner, out of the shadow. My fingers play with the fabric of my hoodie, every now and then rubbing against a fresh cut. I wince. My eyes tear up as they bore holes into the ground. “Hi.” My breath, because my voice is just a whisper. "Will you listen?

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