Hellcats Don't Need Opposable Thumbs

The hellcat preened its wings and licked its fur as if washing off the scent of the human would also erase the memory of the pulled tail. It could hear them on the other side of the hedge.
“Billy, what if I can’t defeat Harold in the thumb wrestling competition now?!”

“It’s a thumb war, Jake, and you can just use your other hand.”

“No I can’t! I’ve only practiced with my right hand! Stupid cat thing! Why’d it have to go and bite my good thumb?!”

“Sure you can, look I’ll prove it.” Jake took Billy’s left hand and got into proper thumb war position. “One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war!” He quickly defeated the unpracticed left hand of Billy.

“See?!” Billy pouted.

The hellcat raised one eyebrow at the silly boys, fighting with their only human advantage, the opposable thumb, was just a waste in her opinion. They should go peel bananas or something, the hairless monkeys. She bounded into the shadows secretly pleased she had more natural instinct than these small humans.

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