A Weird Thing Happened On My Way To the Moon.

The old man clenched his teeth, at the thought of one more humiliating honor. Forty years of living a lie had taken a toll on the senior statesman. He sat back and tried to calm himself down and remember all the reasons this lie was important to the free world. Yeah that is what Jack had told him, the free world depended on this lie.

The thoughts that were invading his mind were anything but calming. His mind was filled with the memory of years of struggling with the impotence that had been caused by the stress of carrying this untruth. The same affliction that caused his young wife to seek the attention of another man; a young, handsome, tall, dark N.A.S.A employee who was really revving her engine when he walked in on them back in seventy four. She just yelled at him to get out and continued with her engine revving.

He heard the announcer talking about his great steps for man, they were all lies. His wife, the same one from seventy four nudged him and said, “Buzz…Buzz Aldrin they are calling you.”

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