Good, but not perfect

I awoke. Damn, that hurt.

Wait… where’s Elsha? And how did I get tied up?

I glanced around. Typical rookie behavior, leaving the bounty hunter alone. I struggled against the grip of the wire, feeling it cut into my skin as I twisted.


I reached for my machete, trying to pick it up off the ground with my foot… aha! Nocking the handle in my bootstrap, I pulled it up to my outstretched hand and ripped my bindings free.

A call on the radio. “Terry, you okay? We lost you there for a while, transmitting tower was down…”

“Yeah, I got into a little trouble. And, er… Elsha got away.”

“Again? Listen, Ter, I like you, but you can’t keep doing this! I don’t have much of a choice, we’ve got to send in Jackson-”

“NO! A thousand times no! Just give me another day. One whole day. Think you can spare that?”

“That and no more. Get to it.”

My eyes searched around, finding a recent footprint. I set off in its direction, watching silently.

You’re good, Elsha… but you aren’t perfect.

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