Dark Times

I am Najid, a shepherd from the north hills of Arcadia.

A darkness forged in evil has descended upon our lands, shorting the days. Unearthly abominations have destroyed the farms in the valley, and their insatiable appetite has forced them to move into the hills in search of food.

Today I lost over half my flock to two of the rampaging beasts. They are said to be demon spawns sent by the Unspeakable One, but I found out they are more mortal than demon. The cold iron of my sword left one creature dead, and caused the wounded one to run off. He will return to finish what he started. They always do. And he will not return alone.

I have packed light, and am headed to the coast. I will keep to the streams in order to conceal my scent. I pray that I make it to the abbey before these creatures catch me. I pray that my strength holds out. I pray for the return of Melchizedek.

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