Alone for the first time

Tears roll down my pale face, I hated him, I hated the monster who did this to her, how could someone be so coldblooded.. I glanced behind me, since the accident I haven’t been the same; I had always been the gutsy one, the backbone for the two of us but now I was nothing more than a lost soul, a soul who would never see her again.

I can remember it too well the louds bangs still ring in my ear, the sound of rain on the hard grey pavement; the horrid visions keep flashing infront of my wet eyes; how could I survive now she was gone?

I watched the wooden coffin lower in the grass, picking up the moist soil I cupped it in my hands and held it to my face “Goodnight Sophie” I sprinkled the remains of the soil on top of the box which held my best friend, wait she was more than that, she was like my sister and she always will be.

As i walked away two birds perched on a tree began to sing, I smiled knowing she was here with me “I guess i always will be older than you”

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