The Ultimate Chronicle - Part 8

Abe Lincoln, Miyamoto Musashi, and the Autoviathon containing Nikola Tesla’s head burst into meta-existence on a stairway. All around, other stairways crisscrossed each other at bizarre angles, but that did not seem to bother the monks and strange rolling insects climbing up and down them.

Lincoln addressed a passing monk, “Pardon me, but might we see the master of this realm?”

The monk nodded and a moment later an immense globe floated up to them. Inside the globe, the reflection of a bearded man held the globe up from inside. “Hello, Space/Time Lincoln. Can I help you?” asked M. C. Escher.

“We require an uber-confrontation with Rasputin,” replied Lincoln.

“I believe I can arrange that,” said M.C. Escher. “But first, I need your assistance.” As he spoke, several wobbly clocks flew by and splashed over the stairs, sending monks and insects flying.

Salvador Dalí rode by on a flying, amorphous platypus, twiddling his mustache and shrieking, “I’ll have this realm, Escher!”

“Let’s do this,” said Lincoln.

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