“OK, OK, gimme a minute to think.”
Nicole was quiet for a moment. She had a few secrets, who didn’t. She knew it was important that she pick one she had never shared, but she found it difficult to choose.
What could she give, what coin would buy her way a little further into the life of this girl who had her so transfixed.
Mentally, she rolled a die and chose.
“OK, have you ever played the choking game? I did for almost an entire summer at camp with a counselor. She got fired for it.”
Nicole could feel her face flushing from worry about how Julia might react, with rejection or disgust?
But she also felt her heart racing, blood rushing, with the memories, the unique sensation while on the precipice of consciousness, and the strange, but sublime joy in wrapping the satin nightie around the Lena’s neck, and pulling, until she reached that edge too.
Nicole’s eyes started to glaze over, reliving those moments, those intimate seconds.
Then quietly, “It was the best summer of my life.”

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