Emma: Vampire Matchmaker

Emma Fanghouse lives in Surrey, England on Hearteaterfield Estate with her elderly widowed father. Emma is forever young, immortally beautiful and witty, but she hides a dark secret.

“Emma! Don’t tell me you’re trying to matchmake with mortals again!” Mr Knightley criticized.
“Yes, I am. You see I have found the perfect match for young Harriet- Mr Elton, the vicar!” Emma said excitedly.
“That’s all very nice, but please keep in mind what happened the last time you thought two beings were perfect for one another and interfered? Do you want either Mr Elton or Harriet to end up like Marie?” Mr Knightley replied rather ominously.
“I know, but this time it’s different! They are both human” Emma said without her excited tone.
“Yes but it’s still a vampire interfering with a mortal.” Mr Knightly said & with that walked out of the room.
“I’ll show Mr Knightley!” Emma muttered under her breath.

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