The Headmaster

Have you ever waited in a principals office? It’s the most boring thing in the world! The principals assistant sits in front of you, sometimes looking up from her computer screen to give you a disapproving look. This time I’d finally done something so bad that I was sure I was going to get expelled for this.This was the worst I had done, and i had done some pretty bad things. I don’t want to be in this horrible town, I want to be back home…well I don’t know what home is anymore really.
“Sarah, come in”
I follow the principal into his office. I take a seat at a chair opposite him.
“Sarah, I have given you numerous chances and with what you have just done, covering the school in toilet paper and putting silly string everywhere, I would usually expel you but I have a special request to keep you at this school so instead I will not expel you but you will go to juvenile detention,that is all”
You have got to be kidding me?!This has to have been my dad, I get up and storm out of the principals office crying.

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