Goody Two-Shoes Come Undone

Meryl sat in the corridor leading to the principal’s office, on a plastic chair along with two other students. One whose face was not visible, as it was buried in her hands along with a lake of tears & the other who was banging his fist into the wall in an angry manner. Meryl sat quite the contrary to the other two, with a broad grin across her face and her legs swinging back & forth in a cheery way. She loved coming here.

After daydreaming about receiving another reward for her greatness, Meryl was lead to the principal’s office by his secretary. Meryl pranced into the room, expecting to be praised & adorned as usual, but this time she was greeted in a rather different way.

“MERYL HARRINGTON! You face expulsion!” the principal roared & his face seemed to be becoming a deeper shade of crimson by the second. Meryl was utterly bewildered. She had never been yelled at by a teacher, nor had she ever received a detention, nor had she ever been suspended, let alone faced expulsion…

What was it she had done?

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