The Rain

I’ve always loved the rain.Especially the fact that when it pores you can’t tell if I’m crying.
It’s the night of the prom. We finally graduated!I slow danced with my boyfriend Daniel. Soon he disappeared and I found him “busy” with Kendra King. I went down to the ballroom were the prom was being held.Outside the hotel where the prom is being held the rain is pelting down the window pain. I cant hold the tears anymore so I run out to the rain.
“Clara?” Someone’s behind me
I turned around to find Robbie, my best friends older brother, standing there.
“Are you ok?” he asks, concerned.
I tell him what happened. I shiver and he takes his jacket off and covers me to keep me warm. He hugs me close, telling me everything is ok. I look up at him to thank him.
“Thanks Rob for everything.Can I ask for a favor?”I ask
“Kiss me” I whisper
His lips are already on mine, kissing me passionately while the rain pelts down on both of us.
“I love you Clara” he says
“I love you too”
I always knew the rain was magic.

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