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  1. I Scream

    How I scream Louder I scream When did I become this person I tear myself apartĀ  And lose the pieces along the way There’s no going back from here But that’s okay How I don’t know But forward is the only way to go The tears prickle al...

  2. Standing Up Again

    I shake off the grief from last night and set out on an expedition to find my abandoned cellphone. After about five minutes, I find it huddled inside one of my shoes in the back of my closet. Bewildered, I pull it out and see I have two messages from m...

  3. Liar

    Your face floats through my thoughts, my heart begins to race. The words you spoke echo around my mind. Liar, liar liar. I don’t want to hear your apology; protecting my feelings is the opposite of what you did. Leading me up over off a ...

  4. Helpless

    The tears come. I can’t stop them. First the extra spill out the top, but soon they are unlocking the dam of memories I’ve desperately held back. The result is crippling. I curl up on the floor and the sobs silently fill the emptiness. It h...

  5. Captive pt3

    He shows me to a small room upstairs where I will stay until I change my mind. In the middle of the night I creep out of my room. I fly downstairs and find the front door unlocked. I burst through it and hear a low chuckle. My heart pounds in my chest ...

  6. Captive pt2

    “I’m a nice guy though, so I’ll make you a deal. If you can find a cheap air flight I’ll let you leave free and clear. I’ll even let me assistant help you.”He calls out and a small, hunched over man walks up. He̵...

  7. Captive

    I find myself in an older mans house. His tone is kind but there is a twisted glint in his eyes that matches the way his lips curve up slightly. He’s telling me to do something on his computer. I walk up to it and wiggle the mouse around to wake ...

  8. Jump In

    Falling down up Not sure which way Spinning left right I can’t stay this way I don’t know what I want Too many thoughts in my head Yelling clawing wanting out I can’t seem to get ahead I shudder simply at the thought Commitment judgem...

  9. His Touch

    The touch it burns Fingers trailing questioning lingering You lick your lips yearning arms wrapped tight A question in my eyes and pleasure on my lips Your fingers brush my hips A small moan is my acceptance And now you don’t hold back We set...

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