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The tears come. I can’t stop them. First the extra spill out the top, but soon they are unlocking the dam of memories I’ve desperately held back. The result is crippling. I curl up on the floor and the sobs silently fill the emptiness.

It hurts. The convulsions rip the bandages on my heart that I worked so hard to place there after the previous night’s carnage. I don’t know how long I lay there remembering the touch of his fingers and wishing I had the comfort of a friend. His lips caress mine and a gasp escapes my lips as my heart breaks as if for the first time. I put up mental barriers, trying to fix the dam, but the memories slip around the sides. My best friend holding me as I cried, then the voice “We can’t be friends anymore.” and him walking out of my life. But there were still scraps around to remind me of all that I lost… Love, friendship, myself…

Eventually, the shaking subsides enough and I crawl into bed. I close my eyes and pray the dreams aren’t too realistic tonight.

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  1. Avatar ...Still BARomero

    Very heartbreaking end to this relationship.

  2. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Woah, talk about raw energy. This is captivating at times. Remember the momentum/inspiration these strong feelings give your art and keep pulling from real life experiences and your work will always shine as this does. Must… Resist…. Writing… Sequel…

  3. Avatar Rahose

    Please write a sequel Tad, I would love to see where you take it!

  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Awesome description of the pain of heartache. From the posture, to the silent sobs, to the dam and the ripping bandages metaphors, this piece is beautiful.

  5. Avatar Cariad Ceffyl

    This is uncanny- a very real mirror of my life and experience this past year- I have never read something that described an experience I have had so perfectly spot on- the emotions it evoked are still quite real and raw-
    well done capturing the real emotional experience to a relatable subject- I miss my friend very very much

  6. Avatar inky blue

    Truly heartbreaking. I know this feeling too well. Some words you repeat a little too close in succession; lips, friend. And the second sentence is a little confusing: “First the extra…”
    But honestly it doesn’t detract from what’s happening hear. The hurt is real, and you express it well. I’m just a grammar freak. I do a degree in this and it taints your perception a little…

  7. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    One of the many stories I read on here that I struggle to read as fiction instead of reality – it feels too real!

    I agree with inky’s comment and would add that, in the first sentence of the last paragraph, I’d say either “the shaking subsides enough for me to crawl…” or simply “the shaking subsides and I crawl…” to make the line more fluid.

    Very emotional piece. I love the line “The convulsions rip the bandages on my heart”.

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