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Aurelia is battling a quarter-life crisis with the help of Ficly and a lot of coffee. She is launching into the abyss of a new career as a (sexy) academic librarian, and working it all out in just 1024 characters.


  1. Chartres

    His arm is stretched out toward me across the table, forearm facing up. His hand is open, his fingers curled. My hand is on the table, too; we’re not touching, but I’m near enough that the back of my hand feels warmer where it’s closest to his sk...

  2. Flowers

    The UPS guy. The lady who comes to help stuff envelopes. The kid delivering flyers for the sandwich place down the street. Every time the front door of her office building opened, Meg’s whole body tensed in anticipation, and every time she was di...

  3. O.R.

    As the surgeon made his first cut, his scalpel gliding through skin and muscle like a hot knife through butter, I realized he didn’t know I was still awake.

  4. Thankful

    …for the accident. For the crunch of glass and metal, for the scream ripped from my throat. For the two other drivers unfolding from their crumpled cars. For all of us, walking away. …for him. For folding his hand, throwing in the towel, ca...

  5. I Am... (Blackout)

    I am alone, and I am bathing. I am covered in bubbles and once again, I am drunk. I am emotional, and I am flushed from the heat of the bath water, and now I am getting a little lightheaded, and I am having trouble remembering what I wanted to say. Oh,...

  6. Rain (Mature)

  7. Superhero

    He is looking at me earnestly across the desk, and I can see in his face that he truly doesn’t realize how ridiculous he sounds when he tells me, “Just think of this as an opportunity! You get to come in and save the day!” He grins st...

  8. Inside the Armory

    The ragged looking survivors stood around Vlad and the teens in a semi-circle, their weapons aimed unflinchingly at the newcomers’ heads. “We’re not kidding,” snapped a short woman in a bloodstained Seabrook High PTA t-shirt. &#...

  9. J and E

    He tells me I’m too innocent — that I’m naive. But the truth is that he’s jaded and beaten down. He doesn’t see in color anymore. He thinks people are watching him. He says he’s not relationship material, that he doe...

  10. Siren Song

    The waiting around is the worst. The ships don’t come by as often as you’d think, especially in this economy, so there’s a lot of down time. And frankly, there’s not a lot to do when you live in a meadow on an island. We could s...

  11. Pies

    Always, it is the pie I remember. The rest of Thanksgiving always blurs away, but the pies are meaningful, solid, graven in my mind. For years, I made them with my grandfather. He was a ham-fisted giant with a tattooed forearm, who could handle crust w...

  12. After Midnight

    All her Godmother’s magic could not save her now. Cinderella stumbled down the palace stairs, tears streaming down her face. She lost a slipper, but she did not slow. Her breath came wet and frantic as she ran, the chimes of the palace clock ring...

  13. Totem

    The racks of cheap jewelry clatter, sterling silver bangles and gaudy cocktail rings with plastic stones whirring past until they become nothing but a glittery blur. My focus has drifted and I’m staring right through them, right through everythin...

  14. Phantoms

    He looked familiar, but I couldn’t place it. I married him. Today I realized he reminds me of you. Now when I look at him, you’re all I see.

  15. Forgetting Sarah Marshall in 10 Words

    Composer heartbroken — famous girlfriend now with douchebag. Mila Kunis? Sweeeeeet.

  16. Ballerina's Lament

    I wear my heart in my feet Not, like others, on my sleeve; All of me is in my shoes. I dance the Nutcracker Suite. A full house for Christmas Eve! I wear my heart in my feet. Strangers see me on the street — they wave! I smile, take my leave. Al...

  17. Yesterday

    “Well, your test results look good.” She smiled — one of those thin, polite smiles. The thought flashed through my head: Psychiatrists should not be permitted to be thin and beautiful. “I know that’s not what you wanted to...

  18. Red shoes

    When you left I bought new shoes. They are red red like the lipstick she left on your collar. I buckle them on rise up on their spiny heels look at myself in the mirror. I marvel at their redness. Red like the ambulance, like the fire engine. Red like...

  19. The Statue

    The artist had rendered Lionel in bronze, perfectly capturing the lines in his face, the set of his shoulders, even the minute details of his Remington 788. The viewer’s eye was meant to start at his head, taking in his unflinching gaze, and then...

  20. The Return

    They had never seen her look so disheveled, so unhinged, but there was no doubt in their minds: this was their friend. She had returned to them. Joe stared in disbelief. Matt wiped away tears. Chris hugged her fiercely. The girls kept a respectful, sli...

  21. Blue Plate Special

    When Matt stumbled into the diner, he had not eaten in sixteen days. The patrons watched, horrified, as he staggered through the front door and fell to his knees. His eyes were glassy, his skin cracked and dry. His movements appeared to require hercule...

  22. Jay's Doubt

    Jay, Simon and Beth followed the stranger as he made his way through the park. Seabrook Park was a vast green space, one of the few areas the state had protected from the persistent urban sprawl. Vlad was leading them through the park toward Brookside,...

  23. Finding Jesus

    It’s no accident that people talk about “finding Jesus.” Few of us are born knowing him; usually we have to find our way, through pain and heartache and hopelessness, and stumble on him only just before it’s too late. Aurelia ha...

  24. Escape?

    Simon, Beth and Jay stumbled through the darkness, following the brook as it weaved through Seabrook Park. When the stream banked right away from the Nature Center, the teens went left, hoping for some cover in the building’s shadows. They had ab...

  25. Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

    The prophecy must be wrong. Simon Smith trudged dejectedly along the steep hiking trail, thinking. “This child shall be a Hero, more Super than any other.” Easier said than done. Ever since he was old enough, he had been searching for his p...

  26. Junkie (Challenge Entry)

    She is sitting at the bar waiting when he strides through the door, and in an instant, everything that makes her her is gone, consumed. He is her heroin, blazing in the dim room like a lighter held under a spoon. And he knows it. It has been this way s...

  27. Junkie

    She is sitting at the bar waiting when he strides through the door, and in an instant, everything that makes her her is gone, consumed. He is her heroin, blazing in the dim room like a lighter held under a spoon. And he knows it. It has been this way s...

  28. We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This (Mature)

  29. A Run of Bad Luck

    My dad didn’t admit it to me until my 40th, but by then I’d already figured it out. I mean, come on — that kind of bad luck is no coincidence, even though I’d tried for a damn long time to write it off that way. 5th birthday. My...

  30. Old Ladies

    Fear’s house is second on my Meals-on-Wheels route. She lives just two doors down from Hope. I wish they’d talk to each other — they have a lot more in common than they think — but Fear says Hope is a “stupid old bat,̶...

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