The Nicest Lawn in Town

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Some days he felt like a real moron for still giving two shits about mowing the lawn.

It was a really beautiful lawn, before. He had mowed it with pride every Saturday, and Bev had that prize-winning vegetable garden. They spent a lot of happy hours in the yard, getting dirty and laughing together, then going inside and having the kind of easy tender sex that people who have been married 30 years sometimes have.

That was before. He tried to maintain her vegetables but they didn’t seem to want to go on living after Bev was gone. And the picket fence that he’d built himself had long since been replaced with a chain link and barbed-wire monstrosity. It was ugly and it didn’t help the property values, but it held strong when those things hurled their rotting bodies against it.

The house wasn’t much to look at now, not that there was anyone around to care. The lawn was brown in patches now, not thick like it used to be. He still mowed it every Saturday. Gave him something to do, besides missing her.

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  1. Avatar Stovohobo

    It morphed from sad to dark with a very nice transition. Very cool; well executed.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    maybe he shouldn’t be so regular, mowing on saturday, if the rotting bodies figure out his pattern, he’s sitting brains. Then again, he’s on a mower, he could maybe mow down a few.. ;)

  3. Avatar MichaelL

    I liked this. It’s kind of a sad story

  4. Avatar Brian Schlosser

    A nice, subtle zombie story. I like that, even with the rotting things about, people still worry about property values! As I think they would, in real life. Seriously.

  5. Avatar blindeinstein

    I agree, the subtlety is well played here.

  6. Avatar Jessica Cahill

    The last line broke my heart, very well done.

  7. Avatar Match

    Really beautiful – even if it had been zombie-free it would have been beautiful – but adding them in such a subtle way gave the whole story emphasis and explanation.

    Good work!

  8. Avatar Garsecg

    I guess life really does go on…

  9. Avatar Spiderj

    There seems to be a trend of bone-dry humor and sorrow running through your stories.

    That can only be a good thing.

  10. Avatar Aurelia

    Aww, thanks for noticing! Never thought of it that way but I like it. :-)

  11. Avatar halfpenny

    This story is a perfect example of why you don’t read the tags first. I didn’t, and I’m so glad…the twist in the middle adds dimension without being overdone.

    I love stories that have elements of the fantastic, but focus on the human side of things, and this is a good one.

  12. Avatar ethelthefrog

    Superb execution, and I love the subtle almost non-mention of the zombies. Also the mundaneness of life going on.

  13. Avatar James Albano

    This is a wonderfully done story. I think what it does most effectively is make you feel the yearning nostalgia this guy is feeling. Almost living in the past in his mind while going about his business in the present.

  14. Avatar Alexa Reed (LoA)

    I like how you snuck zombies into an otherwise moving story.

    It does make me wonder if the wife’s death was natural.

  15. Avatar Jessica Brown

    This is one of the most well-done pieces of microfiction I’ve ever read. Consider me impressed!

  16. Avatar Blythy

    It gave the impression of zombies being a regularity as opposed to a shock event, the shock event was the death of his wife and the aftermath is a bland life and living with nothing but his thoughts. A different view on zombie fiction. Really liked it.

  17. Avatar Elice

    very nice descriptions, I love the darkness and depression of it all.

  18. Avatar Raphael Bane

    That’s depressing, the end is. It is extremely subtle. I totally missed the zombie part. Bananas.

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