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we once went to bed like between the bedsheets was a valley where dinosaurs once breathed.
and oh, how we loved those triceratops and brontosauruses.
-Anis Mojgani


  1. You Need Lotion *Poem*

    And I’m apologizing again Because my skin was too dry For high end dress shop owners And beige girls with Barbie legs and hair that only grows where you want it But you know I’m gonna lotion in the morning My phone and my wall and the spaces undern...

  2. That one sidewalk square where we sold lemonade [poem]

    We sat on tree stumps with our piles of useless Words and made glass houses our sanctuaries. We took pictures of pictures of People taking pictures of things like sunsets and shadows and opening presents.. like moments were prisoners we could chain to ...

  3. Coffeeshops and Top Hats [poem]

    Here’s to the freshman team basketball players And the small towns everyone dreams of getting out of To the ones with the faces that are chains that bind them to library corners and bathroom stalls and t-shirts and never telling anyone what their...


    Smiles pasted like scrap books And alcohol and thank you notes and designer boots and third world countries and screaming babies and the city’s melting around our sneakers and mafias and food fights and makeup and planned parenthood and last kisses...

  5. Summerschool Sonata

    It was cool for one pretty day Pretty girl Beautiful sky-blue aloneness One and only Not lonely Now she’s still beautiful, But they’ve become Oblivious Desensitized Disinterested Eyes glazed over by her hesitance to open her mouth and set ...

  6. A poem I wrote in Sixth Grade

    Insecurity A conniving reality Who forces us to do some things And later wonder why Depression A merciless predator Who cuts our hearts And wrists And blinds Our minds To hate Ourselves, Our lives, Who rules our thoughts And manifests herself As we si...

  7. Abandoning the Unrequited

    Fuzzy upper lips, lower face – your first imperfection Eyes too deep in your face – too big – like blue old chipped china dinner plates Lost your luster when the feast was done When forks were laid to rest on spot-stained napkins And ...

  8. truth

    we’re fakers by day, poets by night. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  9. Geez. Don't Tell Me What to Do.

    Look at me This toy soldier Bound to your every whim By the ornery bonds of Fetality An immutable indenture Encasing my anger Its eruption forbidden Lest my petty liberties be torn from my back as well

  10. I Won't Even Pretend This isnt a Typical Emo Poem

    Irony mocks Laughs At the abyss Smirks as trees swallow A life worth living for Grins as the race is Over before it starts Blind stallions held at the tops of bloodstained mountains Movie mountains We naively thought As rocking chairs Patiently waiti...

  11. Drop Me a Line About us

    Mewithoutyou A dark screaming whisper A would-be horror story Were it even possible The precipice of perfect cliche You completing me completing you

  12. I Wish I Was Stupid

    Oh to be simple, Stupid, Seeing Only Sound Only my own 100 carat perfection It’s not me, it’s you And you And you Heart alight with the fiery passions Of a rebel Oblivious to the emptiness of my cause

  13. soccer tryouts

    Wishes To have been a failure from the start So dismay would Scream more silently And mediocrity bite less savagely So the patience, Cowering in the shadows of their greatness Would be routine, A familiar weight, A feather, Time eroded. Eyes accustome...

  14. Ode to the Ipod

    A cold, quiet Christmas Found me, a hermit, content Happily cowering in the cave Created by the absence of light In my room But the piercing glare of a light, bright Bulb Would be excessive A curse I held in my joyful palms All the light i would nee...

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