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I’m an amateur writer – I only write for fun and personal entertainment. I’ve never been published and don’t really have any aspirations to get that far. I just like making stuff up. :)
I’ve also found I tend to have a dark outlook in my writing. It seems my inner cynic is the one holding the pen.

“Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money.” — Molière


  1. Recentering

    It was for the best, parting ways. I didn’t like how his father treated his mother. I didn’t like feeling like that was the model he decided to emulate in our relationship. I also knew better than to suggest therapy or counseling, no matter...

  2. Guilty

    Shugo’s laugh echoed across the garden, and I sat brazenly on his chest, my robes rucked up to my knees. I was still waving my prize triumphantly as several torches flickered to life nearby, brightly illuminating our horseplay. And no fewer than ...

  3. Swift Feet

    We burst into the gardens in a hasty tumble of giggles and brocade; I’d long since forgotten about behaving decorously, once more the young girl who beat all of the boys at foot races. I stumbled on my robes, tucking the long fabric up under the ...

  4. Stealth

    I picked my way cautiously along the hallways behind Shugo, trying not to jump at every sound the palace made as we crept past. If someone saw us, it wouldn’t matter that I was behaving at my lord’s behest – I had my robes hiked indec...

  5. Fireflies

    Shugo’s quiet contemplation of the night sky suddenly shifted to a wicked grin. “Let’s go catch fireflies,” he decided. I forgot to behave properly and sat bolt upright, staring at him. I could already anticipate the snide remar...

  6. Nostalgia

    Shugo stepped past the curtains and settled himself comfortably on the floor before I could fetch a silk cushion for him. He waved off my flustered look as I belatedly offered the brocaded pad. “I’m tired of formality,” he remarked, s...

  7. It Takes Two

    I stared down at the sparkling ring on my finger the entire plane ride home. It had been a long eighteen months of dating, and should have ended the second week, not well into the second year. And yet, here I was, on a plane trip bought with all the ai...

  8. Movie Night

    It was raining. At least, I hoped it was – between the old horror movie on the TV and the freezing temp of the room, I wasn’t about to leave my protective nest of blankets and go to the window to look. Who knew what was waiting on the other...

  9. Holiday Funk

    I hate the holidays. Sure, it’s great to be handed a bunch of stuff you might actually want (and I won’t turn my nose up at free socks), but all the stress and anger and over-reaching to try and make the holidays somehow ‘happen’...

  10. Saying Goodbye

    He just looked asleep. I couldn’t get over that fact. He’d wake up any moment, now. “Do you want to hold his hand or anything?” Mom asked. I shook my head. “I want to remember the last time I hugged him on Sunday, not̷...

  11. Standard Procedure

    “He died alone.” Mom’s stoic nurse-look faltered behind her tears. “I found him when I came home from work this afternoon. It’s standard procedure, if something like this happens.” We sat for several minutes, and I s...

  12. Grim Reality

    “It’s not pretty,” Mom warned me, careful to stand between me and the family room. “He…” She paused, and I could see her training as a nurse kick in. “He fell when he went. He didn’t feel anything.”...

  13. Last Day

    I stared at the tiny pixellated screen of my cell phone as I hung up, my mind racing. I had to get home, to see him one last time. It wasn’t right. I’d spoken to him just that morning, he’d asked how the first day of school was, if I ...

  14. Way of Life

    I can’t ever remember a time when he wasn’t sick – it was a fact of life. Daddy needs to sit down for a bit, Daddy’s going to bed early, Daddy can’t pick you up from school so go home with Jamie’s mom and someone wil...

  15. Zephyr

    I skim along the crests of the waves, kicking up caps of white foam. Soaring higher, I push the seagulls up from below, and with a mischievous whoosh send two of the flock flapping and twisting sideways with a wicked gust. There is land in the distance...

  16. Justifiable Homicide

    “Time to get up!” Ohgodwhattimeisit? I wonder, cracking one bleary eye to stare at the baleful red glow of my bedside alarm clock. “It’s only ten,” I mumble, annoyed by the holiday weekend wake-up. “Your room is a me...

  17. Portrayal

    He slaps me as I reach for him, his face a mask of fury. I don’t believe he means it. He never does. Every night, when he hits me, throws me to the floor, screams at me and calls me names — he never means it. Afterwards, he always apologize...

  18. Masquerade

    Ever feel disconnected from the world? Sure, there are the basic needs that never go away, like needing food or rest. But even in the midst of feeling angry, or sad, or happy, there’s this strange gap between your mind and the rest of the world. ...

  19. Light of the Moon

    I sighed as I studied my reflection in the polished brass mirror. The ‘gibbous moon’ look wasn’t very flattering, but it was the latest rage in women’s hairstyles. I studied the long, dark sections of hair brushed down along my ...

  20. Something in the Water

    I edged closer to the coffee machine, puzzled and wary. The machine that had been broken – everyone on the third floor was wailing and gnashing their teeth about it, but no one had noticed it go missing to the eighth floor? To the secret … ...

  21. Brush Strokes

    I unfolded the carefully creased paper, a spring flower tucked in one fold. I wondered who it was from as I ran my fingers over the small pink bud. No one wrote me poems or praised my beauty, as they had for my mother. I recognized the author’s s...

  22. Behind the Curtain

    I stood dumbly before the empty desk for several minutes before deciding on a careful search. Perhaps there was a manual, or a memo indicating who was the Controller’s second in command. Something. The layer of dust created an even grey film over...

  23. Size Queen

    She boggled, then pointed and laughed, When he showed her his tent-pitching staff, So he plundered and thundered, And tore her asunder, And now he has two better halfs!

  24. April Showers

    “When will you have one of your own?” she asks me. We’re gathered around the pastel-covered table in the conference room, the third shower this year. Several pairs of expectant eyes look my way – I’m one of the few singles...

  25. Sibling Rivalry

    I had always wished to be an only child until that night, when I realized that sometimes, it was better that wishes didn’t come true.

  26. The abyss looks back

    Deep in the darkness Of the abyss’ yawning maw, No answer will come, Yet at its pitch-black center Is the number forty-two. (Tongue-in-cheek response to Ben’s ‘On Self Doubt’.)

  27. Financial Responsibility - It's the LAW

    ‘These laws work with in conjunction with the tort liability system to ensure that at-fault drivers will not only be held liable for accidents they cause, but also that they have a mechanism in place to pay for the financial consequences of those...

  28. PlotBunny

    When I got home from school that afternoon, the rabbit was in the yard. It was a nothing-special sort of rabbit, plain brownish-grey in color and nibbling contentedly on Mom’s peonies. I didn’t give it a second thought and headed inside. I ...

  29. Marching Orders

    I glanced around at the worried faces; this place just couldn’t be for real anyway, and I was curious to see just why the Controller scared them all so much. It’s always good when the New Guy takes initiative, I told myself, and raised my h...

  30. Ephemeral

    The school yard was empty. The afternoon breeze rustled a discarded chip bag across the asphalt, the brightly hued bit of litter scraping and dancing along until the chain link fence arrested its path. The phone call had been so brief, so easy to make ...

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