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A guy from Texas. Enjoys writing, coding, inventing, drawing, and just general brain usage. Also makes attempts to makes the laughing.


  1. Lovely Love (Mature)

  2. Mr Popular

    He couldn’t stand it any longer. Something had to be done. Eyes felt cold on him as he stood, slowly drawing everyone’s attention. His actions were something the onlookers did not wish to miss. He was their leader, their guidance, and, to s...

  3. Moving On

    Micheal stared for a moment at the embodiment of Death. He felt odd at feeling no fear. He cleared his throat, “What I know is, my wife thinks I’m some kind of degenerate, but I only have a vague suspicion of who may have given that idea. I...

  4. Gift or Punishment

    The embers are intensely hot, but welcoming as I gather ash on two fingers. Spreading this under my eyes, I am one step closer to completing the appearance. I would only need to do one more thing before considering this task complete; the most dangerou...

  5. Picking the Loose Thread

    Sarah only shook her head, “Look, I think you should go. I’ve said enough.” Max cut Sophie off, “Yeah, she’s right. We’ve bothered her enough in this dark time.” He turned to walk off. Sophie hesitated a second...

  6. Painful Reminder

    Calm mind. Focus energy. Do not be afraid. Habitually, he spent the power of mind to raise and sustain a barrier; an armor of his own, of sorts. The figure in black began to advance at a frightening pace, sword still aimed at Merlin. At forty yards, he...

  7. Accidents Happen

    Sophie was determined to know how “Max” had died. To the point of making Max believe “she” really didn’t know, “What kind of accident?” Her voice was eager. “No,” Sarah shook her head, “I don&...

  8. A Guy in Need

    Since arriving on Earth about seven years ago, Fednor was still having a hard time picking up the nuances of human speech and behavior. That’s not to say he didn’t try hard. Things just, slipped by. He was walking home from his pay-chores w...

  9. The Mistakes in Desperation

    Anger was all he knew. It was pumping through his veins, and was almost tangible on his tongue. He was also happy with the anger. Happy for the anger. In a ritual from centuries before his time, he frantically painted blood in an ornate pattern on the ...

  10. WDGB 7

    “You see,” the happy voice went to explain, “my uncle here is a writer. Isn’t that right, Uncle Max?” Beautiful blue eyes blinked up at him in expectation. “Uh, yeah.” He was too confused to do much else but pl...

  11. WDGB 6

    “I look forward to where you may be going with this idea of yours.” Death lost the echoing voice and took on the tone of the girl it pretended to be. “Let’s go, Uncle Max. We have business, and time is wasting away.” Not r...

  12. WDGB 5

    How does someone entertain the embodiment of death? What would such a being find worthwhile of their attention? “Yes.” The word resounded in the stone room with a unexpected bit of certainty in the man’s voice. “Excellent.”...

  13. WDGB 4

    The man appeared to fidget with that question. Clearly, he had not expected it. “Well, " he began, “I’m not so confident I’ve earned that.” Death, having receded back to the shadows, let out a sound that could loosely...

  14. WDGB 3

    “What I offer you, " Death began, “is the chance to win a chance to get a second chance where you failed the first time.” The man arched his eyebrows, “The first time?” “Well, the most recent, I should say. It w...

  15. WDGB 2

    “However, " Death continued, “you are lucky. I, being the all-powerful authority on the matter of mortality, have graciously decided to give you a chance at a chance for another chance.” The man, already scared by the eerie eyes,...

  16. When Death Gets Bored

    Consider, if you can, that you are an immortal being tasked with one of the most important jobs in caring for the mortals; soul collection, and assignment. Now, imagine that you have done this job for a countless number of lifetimes. You know every det...

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