Dave Oei

Joined June 2009 and calls Rancho Santa Fe Veterinary Hospital home.

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Dave is chicken coop builder by late afternoon, general manager of a veterinary hospital by day, father early mornings, cook late evenings, and husband throughout. This, after spending umpteen years in the software industry wearing both engineering and marketing hats and nearly a decade completing an MBA. Ultimately, Dave hopes to get back into writing. In the mean time, you can follow me on twitter (@DaveOei) or my science blog at http://www.tinysci.com.


  1. Take 2

    It’s dark. There’s no sound, no sense of touch. The only feelings felt are raw, and the Pain. Damn the pain. Pressure, compression, volcanic heat, hairs ripped one by one. Where’re my shells? School? Ha-ha – forget school! Pack ...

  2. La Vida Loca

    Hatch, eat, spin, wait, emerge, fly, dodge, mate, lay, fade.

  3. An Alliterate Aardvark

    Allison Alred’s amazingly agile and adorable aardvark, Alfred (Alf), astonished all after Alf ate Ali’s award-achieving azaleas. After all, aardvarks annihilate Arizonian ants! Agreed?! “Alas!” ailed Ali, aching. And anon, Ali&#...

  4. Upgrade

    “Hello this is Aaron at WizWonders, how can I help you today?” “Hi, I bought a spell from you guys about a year ago, the LeviLover, and it’s been blue screening over the last few days.” “Alright, I’m happy to h...

  5. Splinter 3: Discovery

    “Show me.” “It moved out of range about 30 minutes ago, but we’ll catch up with it again early tomorrow,” said Victor. “Ok, show me the viz,” said Captain Amanda Ruth. Victor pulled it up. But not before daring...

  6. Heat

    The Daily Planet, electronic edition, flickered across his duct-taped Kindle, which after a decade of abuse struggled against a failing battery and a display pocked with scratches and grime. The news? Nothing new. People out of work. The city in a stat...

  7. Splinter 2: Awake

    The phone buzzed. The captain didn’t pick up. It was dark in her cabin and the clock read 0210. It must be a mistake. It wasn’t. It buzzed again, this time angrier. “What is it?” “Captain, sorry to bother you.” ̶...

  8. Splinter, 1: Adrift

    “What the…? Vic, come here. Take a look, what the hell’s this?” Victor took three graceful leaps and ended up right behind Jake’s console. Quite a feat considering the ship’s close quarters. He pointed to an blip tha...

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