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I’m a writer by no means. I do not think it was ever my strong point. But I come up with cool scenarios in my head sometimes, and I feel the need to put ‘pen to paper’ so to say. I write what comes to me and what interests me. Most importantly, I take my criticism constructively because there is no better way to improve my skills than by listening to those who have a bit more merit in this area. Also, I’m straight up geek. Cheers kids :D


  1. Keep Left

    Investigate the mysteries of life. Leaks in the apartment are always fun, don’t you think. Overly watching that movie I can’t stop enjoying, Bueller. Sitting in the coffee shop is good for a larf. Thinking I could be taking better pictures ...

  2. Chapter 19 - End of the Line - Page 232

    having minimal baggage landing in Vancouver. The travelling had ended months ago but I still found myself wandering and searching; constantly lost and alone. Amber’s departure from my life left more of a caveat than I had originally assumed. Vanc...

  3. The Cafe

    The cafe. 10 people. Not daring to make a single noise for fear of giving up their position. The infected congregated outside the cafe, the lingering smell of fresh flesh still warm in the air. They had barely made it in to the cafe, the savage beasts ...

  4. Bookmark Part 2

    1 hour later. The theatre created an isolated universe for Arthur, free from the frustrations of his day. No further catalysts to further his anger and frustration. And it was funny as hell to boot. It was a great release. And he had none other than Te...

  5. Bookmark Part 1

    The bookmark. Simple, usually free, but used by millions. It saves your spot. A placeholder haphazardly thrown in to a book. For most, the bookmark has the emotional value of pocket lint. For Arthur, his bookmark meant something. Summer job. Nearing th...

  6. Shag (Mature)

  7. Out There

    “What do you mean that’s all I can see?”, Margaret demanded. “That’s it. Well, not entirely, but yes, that is all you can see.”, replied Dave. “But how? It’s space. How big could it be?” “Very...

  8. Fog of War

    They were waiting for us. “Ambush, that’s original.”, thought Alberts. It’s dark; feels industrial in here. I look at the team. These are kids, not soldiers. Got more teeth than pubic hair. “Sir, I smell ambush.” I g...

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