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I was awayschooled, homeschooled and unschooled as a child. I went on to Thomas Aquinas College and majored in Everything in Particular.

I live with four people. One of them likes to wrestle, one has exquisite culinary taste, one goes by the formidable nickname “Boolie Bug”, and one knows a lot more about Shakespeare than I do.


  1. Hubris

    Kamayangi, the Great Fish, rolls and turns in the narrow pool. His eyes are set on the air above the water. Ditki, the fat frog, has just returned to his lilly pad, and he is watching. Kamayangi surges upward as a bee fly hovers above. His mighty tail ...

  2. My Home Speaks

    I came here to get away from the words of the other folk. Living amongst them was too hard. I had grown hateful, vengeful, and I don’t think they ever forgave me for what I’d done. My little place by the spring is nice. I hunt the rabbits t...

  3. To Take Away

    He had seen the boys through the threshold. He watched them pluck and shake the tree. The leaves came down in a blizzard of green and red. The fruit mashed underfoot, picked up and lobbed at the hedge. They gleefully rent the flesh with their fingers. ...

  4. Mr. Green Bites the Big One

    Green eased the 1931 Cord sedan into gear and released the parking brake. The beautiful car glided down the hill, and Atlantic City and all of its pleasures spread out below him. “Whata car.” Green sighed out to himself. The road began to s...

  5. Manny and the Raft

    Manny wiggled his toes in the water, now an inch deep. He’d long since given up hope of being discovered, but he didn’t want to drown. He kept his hands on the soft and yielding point in the rubber, the cold water was quietly gushing in and...

  6. Act Now

    Logo: Vroomco Fred: We’re here today to bring you a really special product. Diane, have you ever returned home from the store with a ton of groceries and thought, ’Who’s going to eat all this?’ Diane: Absolutely Fred, who hasn&#...

  7. Dawn

    “Before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.” The Lord looked away, took the dust in hand, and Purpose flowed into it. “That, Child, is what I told Peter.” Purpose made Form. And the dust became the Body. The lord ...

  8. Andy's Letter Home

    Dear Uncle Fredrick, Hollywood smells like waffles. I know it’s because so many damn Belgians live here. The muscles from Brussles, he must smell like ninja waffles. When it’s time for supper though, the smell isn’t as appetizing as y...

  9. Ratio (a poem)

    I neither touch nor taste nor smell I hear but do not understand the parabolic arc of my moods reapeats its sweeping curves like an antigravity simulation alas, I cannot walk the golden spiral my feet can’t comprehend the higher math required an...

  10. Problem Solved (Mature)

  11. All Mine

    The lighting was really good that night. She looked perfect in a spagheti strap shirt and boy shorts; all legs and arms and creamy skin. She smiled big for me, giggled, and pranced around. She made me so happy, I would never have to be alone again. My ...

  12. On the River

    The raft was comin’ on down the river mighty nice. It was dusk, a little foggy, and way too quiet for comfort. “Them things always come when it’s so quiet this way.” I said. I rapped a poplar rod on the side of the raft, rapid l...

  13. On the River

    The raft was comin’ on down the river mighty nice. It was dusk, a little foggy, and way too quiet for comfort. “Them things always come when it’s so quiet this way.” I said. I rapped a poplar rod on the side of the raft, rapid l...

  14. Goldilocks in 10 Words

    Too Hot. Too Cold. Just Right. Bears aren’t really omnivores?

  15. Goal!

    The spheroid coasted in black silence, undisturbed. But then, first almost undetectably, then more and more, its path changed, slingshotting it past a great blue-white mass of light. It now traveled a thousand times faster than in the beginning. It was...

  16. Without Beginning or End

    I am Melchizedek. Before the Earth groaned under the hands of the Potter, I knew it. Long before the briny waves worked the shores, I could taste the virgin sea. Since time untold I have set the table for Prince and the King. Yet few men have met me. F...

  17. Button, Button

    Marcus looked at the button. The button was looking back at him, maybe giving a look that said “What, little ol’ me?” The instruction manual indicated that the button was to be used “In case of emergency, temporal, eternal or ot...

  18. Whiskey for Pap (Big Bastard's Last Day) (Mature)

  19. Maggie's Farm

    “I don’t want to work on Maggie’s farm no more.” Paul said bitterly. “We’ve gotta get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do.” He brushed off his Carharts. “Got nowhere to run to, baby...

  20. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead in 10 Words

    Heads. Heads. Heads? Hamlet? A Play? Strange… Oh, We’re dead!

  21. A Night with Three Gun Bill

    We often walked the tracks; it was faster. This night four of us walked under a waning moon, feeling our way along the ties. We sat down on a trestle to smoke, our legs dangling over. We heard something. A figure loomed in the glow, large and heavy foo...

  22. To Help Her (Mature)

  23. Treasure Island

    Old Mr. Arnold was delighted when the bookstore man told him what his book was worth. “First edition of Treasure Island. It’s worth at least ten grand retail; but I can’t buy it from you. Try eBay.” “That’s a lot of ...

  24. Surprise!

    “Oi! Take your ‘and off it. It’s my bloody briefcase.” “No it’s not, that geezer set it right in front me.” “Looked right at me ‘e did. It’s for me.” “Look, I know ‘im, he...

  25. Perfect!

    “Noisome” Aunt Penny howled, “It’s bloody noisome Harry. You should go out and get a proper job. I wanted your mother to get a proper job, but she wanted to be a whore!” Harry, gaunt and pale, peered at her through the cra...

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