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I create profilactic balloon animals with my pinky toes. Sometimes I am a crazy wildchild pseudo-bohemian neohippie party animal. Other times I am not. Always and always I will lie stories like writers do. Be my friend? : )


  1. freaks on Friday (Mature)

  2. crab walk gridlock

    The scraggly kid poked his brain out the water at me, bobbing up and down in the murk green salty sea like a floaty barnacle. His swim trunks ballooned around like underwater rocket pants, and he bubble-barbled fishy pleases at me, who was Queen of the...

  3. lose your fuzzy eyes (Abby) (Mature)

  4. as yet untitled, pt. 1

    When my daughter was born it looked like her face was melting. And Caroline was so proud. “I did it, babe,” she sobbed through gritted teeth, still gushing amniotic slime, “I made us a Picasso.” We called her Harmony, and soon she was two with ...

  5. Ray (Mature)

  6. The Future Is Past

    Wendell Beeks arrived on stegosaurus. The second he dismounted Hanna began to make a scene, starting an animal rights tirade which proved to be her narration for the whole evening. It was spurred by Wendell’s saddle apparatus, which was affixed s...

  7. pickup truck: Pt. 3 (Mature)

  8. pickup truck: Pt: 2 (Mature)

  9. pickup truck: Pt. 1 (Mature)

  10. honeymoon period: Pt.2 (Mature)

  11. honeymoon period: Pt.1 (Mature)

  12. Megan G (Mature)

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