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Quote for today:

“I do feel honour creep upon me, and which is more, a certain rising in my flesh ;”

-from The Shoemaker’s Holiday by Thomas Dekker (in this work I came across the interesting word gallimafry, which I had not understood before…)

(This quote will soon disappear from here, better copy it if you want to keep it)


  1. Beach Music in English

    - Close your mouth! (German) – Throw the ball! (Greek) – Come here! (Spanish) – Come here! (Greek) – Close your mouth! – Have you seen everything in Blanes? (Spanish) – What are you doing? Come here! (Hungarian...

  2. The Original : Aan Ina

    Die stroom van verlange Vloei na die see In die verste diepte Van sy blou heimwee Die sande wag Vir die verre wind Die rotse aanskou Die spelende see In een oomblik Spring die vis omhoog Deur die son beskilder Dan ewig dood

  3. The English Text (2)

    (3) She finds herself on the hill. The fear of death is always present. She notes the extreme beauty of colours (grey-blue) of the trees and the water. It is the place of the origin of the fountains: which have been directed into spray. She runs with ...

  4. The English Text (1)

    Translation: (The Hunted Girl-I.) 18.8.59. Dream of last night. (1) In the house (2) In the park (3) On the hill (The murder of Ursula-I) (1) In the house the girl-I tries to escape and is found in a quadrangle where she is given a gun. She realises ...

  5. The Original Song

    Say, little hen, When, when, when Will you lay me an egg for my tea? - All the rage in 1948. Author unknown.

  6. Para Ina

    El río del deseo Corre al mar, En la hondura más lejana De su nostalgia azul. Las arenas esperan El viento lejano; Las rocas admiran El juego del mar. En un instante Salta el pez arriba : Pintado por el sol, Después muerto para siempre.

  7. Landmarks of Cape Town (1)

    Table Mountain is not among the nine hundred million tallest mountains in the world, but it is higher than nearly all molehills. Standing barely 6000 ft in comparison to Mt. Blanc’s majestic ninety thousand feet, it may nevertheless be seen from ...

  8. Translation and Intro

    In 1652 Dutch settlers arrived at the Cape of Good Hope, at the south end of Africa. Over the years their language changed a good bit, into Afrikaans. In 1795, and again in 1806, the English took over the colony (by force of arms!) and English became t...

  9. Black Mamba (2)

    Frik managed to pull up twenty feet away from the mamba. The whistle failed to wake the mamba. What to do? There was simply nothing to be done but to wait and hope for the best. Unfortunately it was rather a long wait, and it was nearly an hour before ...

  10. Black Mamba (1)

    Let me tell you something : the Black Mamba is a very ugly customer. Aggressive as hell, and if he doesn’t like the look of you, he’ll go for you. And keep going. He’ll chase you from one end of the country to the other. And if you ki...

  11. I Prosklisi

    Otan tha erthis stin Athina ke pali, fonaxeme an dhen ekhis filenada.

  12. Die Sendeling en die Inboorling

    Die inboorling het met moeite die storie van Daniel en die leeu ingesluk. Maar toe hy die storie van Jonas en die walvis hoor, was dit te erg: “Nou daardie van die lou ek glo hom ok nie meer nie!”

  13. Beach Music

    - Mache dein Mund zu! - Rixe ti bola! - ¡Ven acá! - Ela edhó! - Mache dein Mund zu! - ¿Has visto todo en Blanes? - Mitchinás? Gere ide! - Bolónd vod? - Mache dein Mund zu! - ¡Nunca me ahogo! - Du schwimmest sehr weit! - Ven acá! - Mache dein M...

  14. A Scandal at the Café Verdi

    David and Lauren went for a beer to the Café Verdi. I was not there; they told me later of the horrific experience that befell them there. David could not contain himself, and shouted to the barman: “This place stinks! Those Dachshunds have been...

  15. Quiero

    Quiero que quieras que te quiera………………………………………….

  16. La muchacha-yo cazada (2)

    (3) Se halla sobre la colina. El temor de la muerte está siempre presente. Nota la belleza extrema de colores (gris-azul) de los árboles y del agua. Es el lugar del origen de los fuentes. Corre rápidamente por la colina abajo. Pasa a las otras. Aba...

  17. La muchacha-yo cazada (1)

    Sueño de anoche. (1) En la casa (2) En el parque (3) En la colina ( El asesinato de Ursula-yo) En la casa la muchacha-yo trata de escapar y se halla en una plaza donde se le da un fusil. Se da cuenta de que se propone usar este hecho como pretexto pa...

  18. Dígame...

    Dígame, gallina pequeña ¿Cuándo, cuándo, cuándo Me vas a dar un huevo para mi té?

  19. Nosotros tres solos en el mundo

    Ya que eres la sola y única reina de mi corazón, Todo el tiempo del mundo queda para nosotros.

  20. Nosotros tres solos en el mundo

    Ya que eres la sola y única reina de mi corazón, Todo el tiempo del mundo queda para nosotros.

  21. ¡Arriba España! (Mature)

  22. What is Love?

    June 1957: What is love? Not, as Shelley says in his essay ‘On Love’, the desire of the soul to see another that understands its feelings exactly – oh no, it is an anguish that would break the heart. It is thus with all things: we lov...

  23. guess to Word Game

    My list of ten words for list 1: That, orbed, maiden, with, white, fire, laden, whom, mortals, call. Please tell me which words comply.

  24. Approval

    And I don’t need your approval either. I’m here to give mine.

  25. Another Theft

    Isolation. Desolation. Consolation. Fire like green grass. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  26. Cuando

    When the pie was opened, the stars were shining bright - When the winds are breathing, the birds begin to sing. When the lamp is shattered, the light in the dust lies dead, When the lips have spoken, loved accents are soon forgot. And if TS Eliot can d...

  27. Open Letter to LaraLustre

    Thank you so much for telling me about this site, LL! As you might have noticed, I’ve already been having a whale of a time in the few days since I joined! There are some incredible people here I’ve already come across, and probably a lot m...

  28. My best poem

    In our time the blue of the sea was ringed with tears.

  29. 123

    To you, no queen of tragedy, But the humble minstrel of this art, I must apportion some of time’s excess Of power, of glory and of light. From out the hollow spheres of blackness In which I weep, and have my being, I burn and bring the naked torc...

  30. Blue is...

    The blue of the sea Deeply wonderful to me The blue of your eyes

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