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I once saw a stuffed animal commit suicide just for the hell of it.


  1. Bounce

    Assholes grinding against hot chicks. Club beats roar like waves. My back is killing me, and my feet are beginning to sharpen their knives. Friday night, business as usual. I can’t even complete a thought before it’s drowned out by the boom...

  2. Nano Pt. 5 (Mature)

  3. The Sarcophagus

    The van looks like it used to belong to a rapist. Or a work crew. White and windowless, it sits motionless amidst bits of filth that have spilled forth from its recesses. The paint is cracked and flaking off. The chrome is matte and worn. The D on the ...

  4. Nano Pt. 4 (Mature)

  5. Nano Pt. 3

    Making a conscious effort to not stand out when you’re wearing a surgical gown outside of a hospital or costume party is quite difficult. People tend to think there’s something wrong with you, and rightly so. Having the vague odor of death ...

  6. Oops

    Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. I said move along!

  7. Nano Pt. 2 (Mature)

  8. Nano Pt. 1

    Of all the places to wake up in, the morgue is the probably most disconcerting. It’s especially bad when you’re inside one of those body bags—there’s no way to open them from the inside. Apparently, the best way to escape is to ...

  9. Beyond the Supermarket

    The parking lot possesses the kind of lighting appropriate for such crimes as mugging, rape, and unsanctioned gambling to take place unnoticed. My car is nearby, parked in a handicap spot, sideways. I make my way towards it with haste. I open the trunk...

  10. Chernobyl

    There’s an old barn here. Hard to believe someone once dreamed of raising livestock in this place. Where once we might have long ago heard the lively braying of farm animals is now little more than a hollow shell of a building dedicated to the st...

  11. Gonzo Grocery Shopping

    “Excuse me, sir, but if you’d like to shop here, you’re required to wear pants.” These were the first words I recall hearing upon coming to in the middle of a Safeway cereal isle. I was wearing a shirt, underpants, gold watch, s...

  12. Pripyat

    Everything is dirty. And rusty. And probably swimming with carcinogens. Good thing I don’t value my life, otherwise I might be afraid for it. One look at this place and you’d be forced to do a double take. It’s required; don’t t...

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