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I’m an engineer, but don’t hold that against me. Expect sporadicity.


  1. Gravity

    A little extra this morning, but just a little; that stuff’s not free. It doesn’t cost much, but we don’t have much. Well, today’s the day to make it count. Ten times, up and down, in circles. Front teeth, and now the other side...

  2. Never Trust A Dame Who...

    Three sizes. What a crock. I never bought it for a minute. I tossed that batty blonde out on her ear. Did she really think I’d drop this case just because she waltzed in here with a tight dress and a sob story? I lit a smoke and searched my desk ...

  3. Kyrie eleison

    I expected oblivion, as many of us did, but we do not always get what we expect. An ineffable calm transcends all in the grave, even the slow decomposition of one’s body. Yes, in the grave: where one’s body lies, the spirit may not leave, b...

  4. Payback

    Gypsy Curses: Inquire Within. “Two, please.” ……………

  5. Survival

    Robert watched the family walk down the hall and out of sight. They had dodged another bullet; his supervisor would be pleased. He closed the door and sat in the still-warm seat at the terminal. The blinking cursor depressed him deeply. It wasn’t...

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