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I’m fifteen. My name is Bryar. Nice to meet you.


  1. Discharged

    She left the hospital today, alone. __________________________

  2. The Snow Fell

    The street was coated in white, and a boy stared on into infinity. An expression of joy was plastered on his face, wide-eyed and hopeful, his nose a maraschino cherry sticking straight up in the mound of snow slowly building on his face. He didn’...

  3. And You Shall Remember Us

    A piercing screech split the sky, as lesser beings hid among the clouds. For one moment the crowd was silent. Then, applause shook the stadium from its very core. One rider was dying, another on one knee. Both mounts had collapsed in exhaustion. They h...

  4. It's Safer at the Docks

    Waves lapped at the ship like a friendly dog at the hand of his master, and Pancake giggled. “Captain, captain,” he squealed, “The ocean wants to be my friend!” At that, the curmudgeon shoved young Patrick Butterworth into the s...

  5. I Know We Can Make It

    Getting her this far was a huge accomplishment. The taste of her lips, the look in her eyes, all screamed “take me”. But he had been tricked before, and he wanted to take this slow. Women are evil, he knew that, but he couldn’t help b...

  6. Pant Pant Means I Love You

    When I was young I knew true camaraderie. Loneliness was an alien concept, and fun was the only word I had more definitions for than the dictionary. My mind invented the games we played with no exhaustion, and the exhilaration of winning was dampened b...

  7. Amber Waves of Pain

    Empty. The spot on the rack that had been holding that last loaf was empty. He had planned to feed his children for a week on that loaf, only to find his oasis in a desert of hunger dried and barren. He wept. He returned home and found his children sle...

  8. Cold

    “Fuck that and fuck you.” The words echoed in the room and he stared into the heart of a man apparently unclear on the point of a happy ending, but desperate to make his frustration heard. “You call that happy?!” As the man butt...

  9. Opacity

    She started to fade on Saturday, and she frowned at the hand she used to write the note that no one would read. “Goodbye, my friends,” it read, “for soon I will become nonexistent to you all, I’m sure.” Perhaps a tad melod...

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