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“Writting lyric’s is like therapy; You write down all your problems and make it into something good.” – Junchaya

I love to read and write. I have been writting song lyrics ever since I was eleven.


  1. The girl who lives twenty-eight minutes away

    There’s this girl that I’m seeing and she makes me astonished. I don’t think I’m in love, but eitheir way I would deny it. She’s from somewhere new twenty-eight minutes away and when I see her face pop up on chat my heart ...

  2. It's us against the world

    I’m so sick of this I wish you only knew What I’m thinking now But you’ll stay at home Being all alone All alone No you won’t you’ll be somewhere Somewhere And I’m tired of this Guessing game If you do or you don’t I will never know ...

  3. If you only knew

    If you only knew How bad I feel If you only knew How much I truly love you I only wish that you felt The same way about me But you’ll just Walk away Without anything To say (pause) But you won’t listen You’ll just simply turn away And I’m he...

  4. The only one for me

    I have the best girlfriend in this whole world. She’s the only girl that can make my heart race Make me smile And even blush She’s beautiful In every way She’s sweet Funny And very talented. I don’t know what I would do without her. I smile ...

  5. I found you

    I never thought I’d meet A girl like you The one that makes Me smile And not feel blue The girl With the prettiest smile And oh I can get lost In those eyes for a while If I could be with anyone In this world id still be with you Cause I care for y...

  6. a passion for music

    I always loved music. When I was 11 I started writing lyrics of my own. I must say those lyrics were horrible. I didn’t know what to write about. After all I was 11, what is an 11 year old suppose to write about? So I decided to stop writing lyrics f...

  7. about a girl

    To be honest I always thought she was pretty. I remember not paying attention in class because (A) I was always thinking about her or (B) I just really didn’t care for math. Well it was both. This girl is not like the rest, she’s honestly the best....

  8. happy, yet sad

    im a loser you see with no dignity at all. i could be happy and modest but then you ruin it all I’m dreaming of that tomorrow, I’m dreaming for that wish, I’m dreaming i can smile and finally be at bliss


    ILL find my Juliet one day and I know it’s true and every dream I dream of you it’s the best and its true and I’ll never have to worry because all I need to think of is you. Cause when into your eyes and you start to smile. Because I know my hear...

  10. no doubt in my mind

    theres no doubt in my mind you wont always be mine. theres no doubt in my heart that this love aint tearing us apart.. caus i misss my sweetheart and i miss her smile. and I miss that kiss when I missed your lips. caus I misss my sweetheart everyday, a...

  11. im sorry im not the same

    i keep thinkin about her how she"ll graduate how she wants nothing to do with me, i"ll try anyway and though im not the same im just ashamed cant you claim im shy just when im around you, my hands start to shake when i see you, i know im not ...

  12. getting lost in your eyes

    Getting lost in your eyes What a dream of mine Looking back Looking here All those days we had I wish I could get lost in your eyes Just one more time Because I should have said I loved you back then I wish I could tell you, you’re the world to me...

  13. your breaking my heart

    The words came out so suddenly, and I felt surprised to. Everything about you. And all the promises you ever said, still remain inside my head and its killing me, can’t believe the words you said, just makes me want to shoot my head, makes me want to...

  14. theres a pretty girl in jersey

    Baby I just want to stay for a while, Before I go away I’m just tired of missing you all day Missing that pretty face New Jersey’s getting colder And were getting older Every day I’m missing you a lot Dreaming of the day Where I can say T...

  15. alll i"ll ever do

    I miss that girl everyday I hate the fact that she moved away I never got a chance to say goodbye But she didn’t care because it was all just a lie I can’t take this no more My life’s becoming a lie I just met this girl And now she’s maki...

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