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NB: I’m just a 16 year old girl so please be nice!
I love writing, and decided these school holidays that I will upload a story every 2 days minimum.
I know I still have a way to go (keep in mind that most of my stories are started 10 mins before they’re uploaded) but your constructive criticism will help so much!
Please feel free to leave details of what I should change- the more specfic you are the more it will help me!


  1. Relief from pain.

    If it doesn’t make sense, leave a comment and I will explain it. Thanks for reading! Pain. Pain. It burst. Red rivulet’s cascaded down the long path to its destination. It caressed the area like a long lost son returning, and it was greeted in...

  2. Live somewhere else.

    “What’s the time?” “Quarter to three.” “What type of watch is that?” “Guess.” “Swatch?” “Guess.” “Taugher?” “No, Guess.” “I’m guessing!...

  3. The Little Mermaid

    This is my story, for the 10 word fairytale challenge: She loved him. He didn’t love her. She died.

  4. Broken Hearted Girl

    She stared unbelievingly at the lips which had just ripped her heart out her chest. The said heart was currently lodged in her throat, she heard it pulse and it made her unable to reply.. She wished she could run away. Away from expectations and away f...

  5. Creation and destruction

    His eyes were crossed. The cold cylindrical corridor stared at His face. Air pooled around Him and cooled the sweat which seemed like a constant reminder of His life these days- something cold, putrid- something that is produced to help, but is only a ...

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