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I write poetry. Just poetry. One thing I’m trying to do is write about acts, things, people. Instead of emotion, mostly because I’m just tired of it.

I never quite know how to comment on stories , seeing as I don’t have a firm grasp of what’s involved. If I try and look silly, well, sorry.
But anyway. I write because I love it. Not because I’m good at it, or looking for praise, just because I love it.


  1. Open

    My words have deserted me. I still miss them, lost in the dark. Haunted still by my dream, of a time I’ll stand up and leave my heart open, even free. Maybe that day is here. Maybe I found someone Who will listen When I leave this poor soul open...

  2. I'll Surely Laugh

    Thinking you actually know me, Acting as if I’m yours. All you’ll find is misery And in that dreadful moment I’ll surely laugh scornfully. Such great hubris, An act of folly, Thinking you can actually change me.

  3. Perhaps, One Last Time

    My dear friend, My sorely missed friend. How did we get here? Always you lend an ear, Sharing our silent tears. Perhaps I’ll come back This one last time, Perhaps it can finally last.

  4. Left Behind

    No one has time, I’m left behind. Too often I find Tears in my eyes As I sit inside And pen these lines. Every day Ends this way. What shall I say? That it’s okay, So I’ll stay? You make the time No matter the day, Just not for me.

  5. Too Young

    How can you live With so much pain And hate? What can we give Someone so young Who suffered so much? Everyone has scars That we try desperately to hide, To lock them inside. Too many have scars. Too many are just so young, Still they have these broken ...

  6. Our Choice

    I almost said goodbye, You can hear it in my voice. Can’t you? Don’t let me see tears Fall from your eyes, This was our choice. Wasn’t it?

  7. Jan. 16/13

    As pointless as our lives can seem, Nothing is so sad as losing our dreams. Though our days can feel empty, Living without a reason is a tragedy That somehow we have to fight. Too often we are left with this plight That we must struggle through alone.

  8. Two Evils

    It should be peaceful, Sleeping through the night. It should be restful, With dreams happy and bright. Left with memories That haunt every day, Brief glimpses I can still see Of a life and a way That are already lost. I still Take these pills. Just the...

  9. Fits so Well

    My best friend. Really? You? You are all that is left? I can never Turn you Away. But is there anyone else? It can still Be painful to see you, To laugh with you, To say goodbye. I miss when you were mine, But you’re all that’s left And thi...

  10. Where I Actually Belong

    Once I thought I was lost Without you. Nothing made sense Without you. I think now I was wrong. I made it this far by myself Without anyone else To help keep me strong. I’m not lost at all, This just isn’t where I actually belong.

  11. Out of Place

    I don’t belong here anymore. You were all that made me sure I could still live this way. Now that I’ve finally let you go I can see that you’re all I know, And without you I’m just Out of place.

  12. Memories

    I walked through your door again, Confronted by memories That don’t ever end Until you walk over And put your arms around me. Now I can’t help but smile.

  13. What to say?

    Sometimes I find myself wondering how our little family (at some point my mind told me I was part of it now) is doing, so I sit down to see what’s been written. I read, and read. Obviously I have my favorites, despite not actually knowing any of...

  14. Honesty

    There’s always beauty In honesty, In seeing the truth within ourselves. Sometimes that truth Isn’t beautiful. It can be painful And ugly.

  15. One Last Time

    Everyone who said they care, Who said they would be there, Where did you go? You decided to just Say goodbye, To turn your words and promises Into lies. Did you honestly think I could Just leave it behind? That it wouldn’t haunt My every thought?...

  16. Lately

    Lately everything hurts again, Poetry doesn’t come to me anymore And I have no one I can turn to.

  17. Together

    We sit together for hours, Arms around each other. Finding peace In the company Of our shattered dreams. We barely even speak, It isn’t necessary. Nothing in common Except the scars we’re hiding. Only our eyes are the same, Haunted and full...

  18. Wither away

    Stand apart from the fallen, So proud of themselves And the depths of their sin. Watch as they wither away, Oblivious to what is happening. Never crying out to be saved.

  19. To Dust

    Witnesses to the dust, Decaying bones Of ones fallen and lost. Dwelling in eternal homes Crafted specially for them, Silent watchers until the end.

  20. Untitled 4/16

    The first time I held her, Staring at me With eyes full of wonder, Leaving wasn’t easy. You watched me so intently While I held your daughter, Smiling gently When she laughed happily In my arms. Now I can’t let either of you go.

  21. Untitled 6/30

    I don’t know what to say anymore, These words lost their power.

  22. Beautiful

    Maybe one day I’ll put my arms around you, Look into your eyes And be unable to say anything, Except that you’re beautiful. Or this is it. The only way I’ll ever tell you. That doesn’t make What I’m saying less true. You a...

  23. Today

    I needed you today But I can’t go back to you again. What would I say? I’m too weak to let it end, The friendship we had? You don’t see what I write anymore And won’t know how I miss you. Only a month has passed, And suddenly I&...

  24. I Won't

    I’m lonely But I won’t cry. I’m depressed But I wont hide. I’m hurt But I won’t let it show. I’m lost But I won’t stop. I won’t give up. I will not be broken.

  25. Finally

    Your silence solves this problem, So I’ll let you go now. I’ll leave calmly, head held high. I’m done shedding tears over you.

  26. Let Go

    I need to let you go But I’m not sure I can, Or that I even know how.

  27. Untitled 4/16

    Masters of deceit, Together standing tall, proud. Such graceful exchange.

  28. Stories

    Sometimes I write stories Instead of poetry. They all live together, A pile of crumpled papers Hiding in the corner.

  29. Untitled 4/14

    I used to laugh. I used to smile. I used to cry. I used to love. Now I’m just here, Without pain or fear. Without anything at all, Waiting for you to call. The only thing that matters, You’re my anchor. The only friend who helps When no one...

  30. Different

    You think you’re so different. Trying to stand out, Be noticed. Mismatched clothes, messy hair, Making you just look Like you’re lost. Tomorrow I won’t know Who you even are Passing by. Only your eyes stay the same. Looking for someon...

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