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  1. And the world was united

    “I’m telling you, if you’re insane, then I’m insane – then we’re all insane,” he said. “You are insane – you’re me.” My reflection stared at me, eyes glowing in the dark. “You gott...

  2. But you're evading nonetheless

    She awoke to dry tears and disappointment. With a reluctant, trembling breath, she choked on words she could almost say. She could hear him now, hear it all over again. He was right; she had given up. But she’d made too many mistakes and couldn&#...

  3. Blow me away from today

    Love was a room. It was a room beginning with stark white walls and emptiness. Every day yielded new memories for them, and every memory became a photo they tacked to the walls. They surrounded themselves in snapshots, and they were happy, even as phot...

  4. Wishes and Apologies

    I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I can’t describe how much I wish fate had allowed our paths to cross. I wish I could have been there to stop you. I wish I could have known you. I don’t know who you were; I don’t know what weighed...

  5. A Child's War

    They were the rebels, and they were children. They fought to save themselves, their personalities and minds and emotions. They were hunted, and they fought, and they were young. They were killed when discovered a rebel. Their bodies lived on, but they ...

  6. Awakening

    I felt a soft tap on my shoulders. My eyes slowly opened from slumber, and as I blinked its magic away, I saw a little girl by my bedside. She smiled warmly, almost sympathetically, at me. She was the most beautiful child I’d ever seen, raven hair fa...

  7. To the friends that I hold dear

    I do not expect to know you all as I do today. I do not expect us to keep in contact. I do not expect to keep all the promises we made. And I will not regret losing your friendship. But I will not forget the time we spent together. I will not forget ho...

  8. Moonlighting

    A glint of light off metal caught my eye. I stopped to inspect a pair of knives. I’ll probably need these. Placing them in my cart, I consulted my list of things I’d need as a full-time maid. Kitchen knives were not included, but something ...

  9. A Diamond Heart

    My baby grew up without me. After she was born, a woman lifted her from my weary arms, and she screeched as she left her mother and gained another. She will never know. I met her five years later. She was beautiful, with her sun-golden locks, her dazzl...

  10. Let's sit and have a drink or two.

    He wondered at the lack of sensation in his throat, as alcohol eased its way into his system. There’d been a time when it burned, tingled, fizzed; that time was long gone, he reckoned. But it still warmed, and in his chest a blossom of heat pulse...

  11. The Woes of an Old Child

    I was born like any other person. At that point, nothing about me was different from you all. I started life like a normal child; I walked and talked and progressed, and started school at 5. As with every child, I made friends easily at that age. It on...

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