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“A Piece for Assorted Lunatics”

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  1. Towards a new, and often revisited, realization

    Why do we feel the need to drink copious amounts of alcohol to feel happy? Maybe not to feel happy, but as a given when one goes out. As if there is a correlation between the fermentation process and the smile on your face. Consider your average conten...

  2. On a sunny Saturday

    With the temperature at a record-breaking high this quarter, I went out to enjoy the auras of the sun and walk up and down the avenues of downtown. It took some time until Spring’s gentle warmth replaced the cruel and wet Winter months. In this c...

  3. Alcoholic cirrhosis

    “I don’t have a disease, I’m just concluding a very long slump in my life. It’s behind me.” Mr. Doe’s words were not original as he spoke to the attendees that Saturday morning. After copious amounts of cheap wine an...

  4. Broken Chip: the salsa is out of stock

    I skimmed through the coupon section of the newspaper and noticed a discount on chips if you buy a certain brand of salsa with them. It makes sense. Matches come in pairs. Side by side. There can’t be a one-sided pair, it wouldn’t make sens...

  5. The other summer night

    The memories of that terrible night are still murky. Slumped over on a dirty lawn chair, as her dogs circled with the playful curiosity of a child, Beth contemplated her last night on Earth. It was summer, but there was no sun. The cool damp night gave...

  6. Chips and Salsa

    You stride in with the utmost confidence as you embrace me. The hug is warm and deep, as if we have not seen each other for years. Our build and statures are alike, as is much of our passions and aspirations. The likeness only makes my longing for some...

  7. The night worker of Kasa Vubu (Mature)

  8. Black Gloves

    We stood on the shore and gazed at the oil platforms in the distance; wondering if there were any poor souls trapped on them, pulling double overtime to feed their families. We talked geopolitics, surfing techniques, alcoholic beverage preferences, any...

  9. Missed Beer

    He strolled in with a twelve-pack of Heineken under his left arm. He isn’t a big drinker; this seems odd. He sets down the case in the kitchen and gives me a funny look. I can have a beer with my meal. My father stands at 5’5” with his boots on. ...

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