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  1. A gift?

    He screamed. Not in fear or surprise – but of unadulterated agony. The smell of burning flesh assails him. And just as quickly he realizes that it is his own flesh that is searing, burning. Tears streaming down his face he watches as the gold a...

  2. Unwanted

    “Let me see her,” she demands. Her brow is dripping sweat and her breathing still ragged from the delivery. “When she’s ready, my dear,” her husband tells her. “Let them clean her up a bit.” “I want to see my child now!” The slight tr...

  3. In a Dark Room

    She hated being alone in the dark room. Being there was her own fault, of course. Having to be right all the time got her there. The instructor didn’t like being proven wrong. Even though they all insisted that they were there to learn as well as...

  4. Reality Walker (part 3)

    The subway was a traffic jam of human bodies. The coroner, police and news crews all trying to get in on it. Detective Clancy takes it all in. A less senior officer in uniform catches his attention. “Neck broke in the middle of a crowded subway; ...

  5. Reality Walker (Part 2)

    He can hear the chuckling behind him and it chills him more than the brisk January air could. He risks a glance backward only to see the man is still standing behind him. He hadn’t moved. The streets are still empty. Only the sound of his own bre...

  6. Reality Walker

    He caught the man’s eye for only the mearest of a second. The falling snow wasn’t enough to hinder eye contact. He noticed the scruffy beard and wild hair all wrapped up in a thick duster-style coat. It was his eyes that stayed with him as ...

  7. Frustration

    Frustration. The blinking cursor mocks him. It knows his fears; his worries. He types a few tentative words only to backspace in quick, anxious wrist snaps. It continues to mock him. There’s always dishes to do. Perhaps a load of laundry. The cur...

  8. Supers Do It... (Mature)

  9. Classic

    “It doesn’t matter.” He tells his friend. “Not like anyone cares, right?” Frank glowers at him for a second. “No, not like you’re married or anything, Cal.” Cal rolls his eyes.“Not this again…...

  10. Glitter and Chrome

    He checks his watch as he finishes getting dressed. It lists the usual time and date but also shows his bio-rythmns and the planetary alignments. Next week he should be at full power. The best time to pitch his new idea to the board of directors. He ta...

  11. Temporal Corsality Dupe

    Meanwhile, aboard the Proxima Centaurian spacecraft: “These humans are completely clueless that we are among them still.” The commander tells his second-in-command who nods in appreciation of his logical deduction. “Yes, thanks to our...

  12. When it Rains

    The thunder ran through the house like an over-active two year old. Which was only fitting seeing as the lightning responsible for it was caused by a two year old. His name was Sam and he was not in the best of moods. His favorite toy had just been bro...

  13. Swift As

    The wound was both painful and numbing. The blade had cut a perfect line across his forearm in appreciation of its well kept edge as he had tried to block it from his own throat. But now, the poison upon the blade was apparent as it ran it’s cour...

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