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  1. The Destruction of David (3)

    Bevin hurried down the corridor, barely glancing at a group of noncoms in his haste. Five minutes later he was in the observation room overlooking the tank. David still floated, lifeless in the blue liquid. “What’s our temp, Wil?” Be...

  2. The Destruction of David (2)

    Instructor Bevin waited until David’s thrashing subsided and the man fell still. He turned to the recruits, and while their faces betrayed no emotion, he saw hints of tears in more than one set of blue eyes. He couldn’t blame them – they had trai...

  3. The Destruction of David (1)

    David glanced down at his bare feet as the blue liquid flooded the tank he stood in. It had the consistency of glue, and felt cold. Very cold, as if it was seeping into his bones, freezing him from within. The rest of his squad stood outside the tank, ...

  4. The Last Hunt of Winter

    I crouched behind a fallen pine, breathing in the soft smells of moss and damp wood, watching the fawn as it rooted for acorns beneath the snow. The crisp tang of fear in its scent was absent, a testament to my caution as I moved like a shaggy gray gho...

  5. The First Day

    A million people surrounded me on the First Day, faces lit with terror, their eyes burning with the fever of zealotry. “Lifegiver!” one screamed, weeping openly. “Why is this happening?” These were my people, my creation. I craf...

  6. Perfect Timing

    A lone bead of sweat wound its way down the side of Jon’s cheek, but that was the only sign of discomfort. His face betrayed no emotion. The entirety of his life was spent in training simulations which culminated in the simplest of tasks – ...

  7. Dust to Dust

    I was alone and confused, my mind and body numb, suspended in darkness. Memories were fragile and tenuous, like cobwebs dissolving at the slightest touch. Panic rose in my chest, and I groped blindly, for something, anything in the oppressive blackness...

  8. The Last Contract

    Inhale. Exhale slowly. His finger rested gently on the trigger of his Barrett as the crosshairs settled in the center of the old man’s chest. 50 caliber, he thought. This is going to be messy. He reviewed in his mind the briefing his top client h...

  9. A Quantized Life

    Awake for an hour, asleep for a year. That was the summation of his entire existence, ever since he had agreed to this mad experiment as a way to avoid a boring life sentence without a chance at parole. Every year, on New Years Day, they would wake him...

  10. For 30

    The three men approached the gnarled tree hesitantly, wary of the body that hung from its twisted limbs like a bloated, rotten peach. The dead man’s eyes bulged in their sockets, his tongue protruding from blackened, swollen lips that were frozen...

  11. Not This Day

    I laugh in their faces as they flip the switch once more, their faces becoming even more desperate and confused. Thousands of volts course through my body, yet though my clothing begins to char and smoke, the pain never comes. This is not their first a...

  12. The Counterfeit Sun

    Ryan and I cruised down the interstate at 2AM, laughing and talking about inconsequential things, radio blaring some long forgotten rock song. I turned to speak, but never had the chance, as blackness enveloped us. … I raised my head from where i...

  13. Confined

    His heart tapped a slow rhythm in his chest. The blackness behind his closed eyes seemed infinitely vast. In his mind he reached out, flowing into that darkness. There was a painful tearing sensation, but he was prepared for that – he had made it...

  14. Ambassadors

    “So you see that there is a symmetry here, when we look at the dilation of time from each inertial frame of reference. You understand?” The old man raked his fingers through white, unkept hair and smiled. I nodded, and shook his hand warmly...

  15. To Fly

    In this dream, like every dream he could remember, he flew alone through blue, cloudless skies. Skin bared to the comforting warmth of the mid-day sun, he wheeled low over lush tree tops. Their leaves, reaching hungrily for the sun, tickled his bare st...

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