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Man, so everything I write here sounds weird. I wish more people would sequel and prequel, I wish I was brave enough to do so more myself and I wish I had more time to spend talking to people on here, as everyone seems cool.


  1. Only

    She said she loved them. She only said she loved them. She said only she loved them. She said she only loved them. She said she loved only them. She said she loved them only. …only she said she loved them…

  2. Procrastination

    This is yet another distraction. A sideways thought trailing off from my intended destination. It is past midnight. I won’t leave until this is done. The work is due in by the end of this week, I’ve known this since January but if I had don...

  3. The End?

    So, this is it. I dash myself to pieces on the rocks. Those who care for me can’t see me any more. Tears in their eyes now, blinding them. I did that. My wings aren’t beating any more. I’ve given up. Just let me fall. Leave me be. M...

  4. Trapped

    So, I suffocate and smile. No one can know. That’s the only way I can escape, when my dust is choking no one but me and they’re all looking up. Following my flight, my fall, my fleeing. I am tangled in their praises, their love and lust and...

  5. What A Crumbling Mask

    So there’s a line to walk. I teetered on that edge for months, years. I dangled a foot over the edge, tempting my friends to stop me, daring myself to say no. I couldn’t go there again. I slipped and I would sit at the very edge but I would...

  6. Desire

    I want to swim again. I want to feel water splash over me. I want that first cold dip of the toes, the sudden dampness of my swimsuit sticking to my skin. I daydream about it, the silkiness of the water as I dive, the rhythmic breathing between my stro...

  7. Wanderlust

    Step outside. Breathe. Look left… Look right… Walk. The pavement is hard and hot under thin soles, cracks lace it like giant spiderwebs. The weeds are rusted, dying for water they no longer look natural. Quickly now! Don’t stop. Whate...

  8. Entry 21, 3-Word Prompt Chain: sinuses, spark, plug

    The car stopped. Less of a smooth braking and more a juddering halt. The engine gave off a shower of sparks, and that was that. No more car. Dave started to muse on the existence of “car”. Now their ride was defunct, was it still a car? Was...

  9. Dark, Dark Eyes

    Save me from dark, dark eyes. Save me from chocolate, coffee, and the night sky; reflection swimming in them. Save me from dark, dark eyes. Save me from these pools that lure men to drowning. Stars that light the night. Save me from dark, dark eyes. ...

  10. I could rule the world

    Catch me if you can, for I’m the wind and I am strong…. Once upon a time a little girl got lost in the worlds. She stepped out her front door one day and suddenly poof. Different world, different pond by the back gate, different sky above a...

  11. Waves

    In hallowed halls an angel sings of sin, redemption and something lost. Sand and salt. All things fade, and fill. A tide awash with feelings. All the empty cries of humanity collect in sea shells. Hold one up; there is a sigh, released. The waves move....

  12. Two Faces; One Coin

    Some people think we don’t belong together, but they don’t know us. Not really. They don’t know me. Our arms are linked, you are held close to my side, your fingers curling into the hair at the nape of my neck. You whisper things in m...

  13. Off-Hand Statement

    The words left my mouth without any inner editor reaching them first, and I clench my teeth to stop anything more escaping. He smirked, his smug exploitation of my off-hand statement palpable through the computer screen. “What are you doing?̶...

  14. A letter

    A letter, when you think all contact has passed, can be a very odd thing. It seems to change in your hand. The cream of the envelope makes the ink stand out fresh, shouting two addresses to the world. His and yours. You are linked on this thin bit of p...

  15. Mmmm

    Oooh, I am hungry. Still hungry, even after our time together, and now my eye roves on. You were pleasant and all, and I know I said that you were mine and this: (us, together) was true love, but you’re easy to ignore now you’re inside me. ...

  16. Oh-So-Real Me

    So, I still feel the guilt. A little of it is over what I did. The look on those people’s faces. The ones I had hurt and betrayed and smiled at. If I had killed a loved one, they might have looked the same. Then again, in a way, I had. A little i...

  17. Musings on Romance

    I love you. It was hard to say it without sounding trite, hard to write it without seeming false. Hard to think it without feeling sappy. But there it was. Out there. In the world, as such. Mouthed on lips everywhere. Some other countries had it better...

  18. Down Below

    I sit, blinking slowly behind my glasses. The concrete is dull and cool beneath me. I scuff my shoes miserably against the hard ground, and wait for the reprimand that always accompanies the action. There is only the shuffling quiet of people trying to...

  19. When

    I think of the time when you will realise yours were not the first lips to kiss mine. I can see the betrayal in your eyes when you see a photo that captured love marks on my neck that you did not leave, long since gone. I can hear the hoarse grating ...

  20. An Easy Sort of Game

    I can never be quite sure when it stopped feeling like teasing. Sometimes, just sometimes, I suspect you still are. It was all quite innocent…It was an accidental brush of fingertips on a bare shoulder. You didn’t even notice, where as I ju...

  21. Late Conversation (Mature)

  22. I, the undermentioned

    The tune bobbed along. She didn’t have to think, not while the song played it’s merry, morbid, way out. The voice was familiar, she remembered it weaving out songs from an old cd player, but not this one. Like he’d been saving it just...

  23. One Voice

    The only thing that bothered her was the harsh stopper in her throat; the grating swell that wasn’t tears or hate but meant she couldn’t speak. Her voice was dust in the gravel. There was a lot she wanted to say. The man following her pretended he ...

  24. The Same Story

    Every small child knows the tale; there’s a pantomime, a film, a puppet show. Parents read it out of storybooks when the little ones are tucked up in bed. “…And so she pricked her finger on the spinning wheel and fell fast asleep. Just as the evi...

  25. Let There Be A Dance

    In hallowed halls an angel sings of sin, redemption and something lost. Sand and salt. All things fade, and fill. A tide awash with feelings. All the empty cries of humanity collect in sea shells. There is a sigh, released. The waves move. The wind pla...

  26. 1110. XIV. 14.

    The year 2222 is not that far away. A little over 200 years. A blink of the eye. A breath of the world. Not long ago people lived through the year 1111 and before that, though they didn’t know it, the year before year one. We pride ourselves on n...

  27. One Small Thing

    To eat fresh, sweet, peas has become, to me, a symbol of life; of summer; of positivity and all that hug-the-trees, love-one-another philosophy. I didn’t even realize this until I didn’t have them. That is what made me contemplate them for ...

  28. Belie

    This is pain as well, but it’s sharp, vivid; a momentary relief. Everything else fades to a buzz in the back of my head as I deal with the coppery tang, the wet slickness. I know, like I know this isn’t helping, (that nothing helps,) that t...

  29. Momentary Drag: June 12 2010

    Repeat Please The sign flashed in a neon blaze a couple of millimeters away in my sight. Repeat Please It flickered, momentarily allowing the blank space behind my eyes to cool before appearing again. It seemed my time had run out. Repeat Please “...

  30. What is Left

    Do not trust in words. What trust is made in letters Leaves as ink fades, Bread crumbs thinly spread across the forest floor, A pale trail too easily picked apart By harsh birds’ beaks. Never could we learn of more. We had lost our way unawares b...

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